Welcome to the Ragnarok Odyssey by Phantom Within group Wiki

Phantom Within is a group of player gather with the intention of helping player in the game. We gather player from all over the world no matter what version you playing, country, culture or even your age. Our Group/Guild leader Phantom created this group to help other from within the game itself as our Group/Guild name Phantom Within. 'Within the darkest darkness there is a tiny ray of hope' is what our leader would always said. Another quote our leader like is by StitchOhana mean family and family mean no body get left behind. He treat everyone in the Group/Guild as part of the family and is always concern about them in real life too. Finally I hope with the creation of this wikia 'you' may have a better gameplay.


For those who wish to join our big family we welcome you to our group as well. Below are the link to our group:-

Purpose of creating this wikia

Our purpose of creating this wikia is to help fellow gamers on this particurlar game call Ragnarok Odyssey. In this wikia you will find all sort of information range from mission, story, weapon list, card list, item list, strategy, bosses info and etc. 

Latest activity

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