There are various outfits in this game. There is no Job Specific Outfits. Both Male and Female have different designs for aesthetic purposes.

The Starting Basic Outfits are as follow:

The Intermediate outfits are as follow:

The Advanced/Special Outfits are as follow:

You can fully customised the above Outfits by equiping the cards that you received after killing the monsters be it normal monsters or boss monsters. To take note, the starting outfit's card capacity is 30. Maximum Card Capacity is capped at 100 and the maximum number of cards that you are able to equipped is 8 cards. At the beginning in order to equip cards that have high cost, you may need to find the necessary materials from the various quest in order to expand your current equipped outfit in the Tailor Shop. 

Some special outfits may need you to acquire certain materials from Boss Monsters from Extra Quest after you completed all the story mission from 1 to 9.

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